Monday, January 16, 2012


Welcome to NW Oregon !  I got my first harrowing experience at being stuck in the snow.... two hours and one kindly neighbor later we were home warm and snug...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

the chicken coop

so we have begun working on the chicken coop. the previous owner left much to be desired with the upkeep and design of their coop. frankly- it was disgusting. ~DISGUSTING~ i cannot imagine eating eggs that came from such a gross place. so we are cleaning and tearing apart/re-building this large hen house to make it livable for chickens...i am sorry to not include pictures-but you don't want to see, trust me! we even found 10 1year old Banti eggs in on of the nesting boxes--EWWWWW we are also still working on getting up a fence for the dogs-
here is a picture of my husband and Ben working on the fence

Friday, January 6, 2012


please join our family on a journey towards homesteading. We are city folks from Austin TX, who decided to pack our 6 kids and 4 pets and move across the country to start a family farm. The woods of northern Oregon are certainly different... we moved in to our farm exactly 3 weeks ago today and, boy have we been busy!

our first order of business was getting high speed internet so my husband could work (he telecommutes)...but as many things are here-that was easier said than done. we still haven't gotten a solution that allows him to work from home- so for now he works from the Starbucks in the closest town.
one by one we have been fixing and repairing things that have had little or no upkeep around the old 1920's farmhouse. things like ungrounded electrical outlets and leaking toilets. and a few days ago we added a new member to the farm- a great Pyrenees puppy we named Bella. Bella's job will be protecting kids and lvestock from the bobcats and cougars in the woods behind out house.

meet Bella- who on her first romp through the yard found the empty, still wet paint tub from paint the new dog fence !